Wednesday, 2 April 2014

9 Annoying People You Find In The Gym

If you go to the gym regularly, or you've set foot in one before, you're bound to recognize the following people. Justified or not, these people annoy you.

1. The Mirror Man

You know this classic move, "The Mirror Check". Often used for ab workouts. After a serious exercise, the Mirror Man feels compelled to check himself out in the mirror. You're tempted to tell him that his body will look exactly the same as it did 10 seconds ago. You wisely resist.

2. The Tight Shirt Guy

Guys who like to wear tight shirts and pretend they're 'fitted' is nothing new. But guys that wear tight shirts for the gym have taken this to a whole new level. Determined to diminish their blood circulation in some way, this guy wears a shirt so tight you can see his veins through it.

3. The Fat Guy

You have only one thought for these regulars and it's not pretty, "You're still fat". Usually followed by "Treadmill". You applaud these guys for being committed to the gym, but silently wish they realize the need to lose some weight before doing anything else.

4. The Old Guy

You know you shouldn't really be annoyed with this guy, he's doing the right thing, and yet you are. Something about the way he does his exercises, or moves around in slow motion, just doesn't sit well with you. You also briefly wonder to yourself whether gyms should have an age limit.

5. The Other Old Guy

As for this guy, it's more a mixture of confusion and jealousy. The combination of bulging muscles and thinning grey hair makes you wonder. You can't help but waste a few moments trying to guess just how old this guy really is. You glance at the weights he's using as you walk past and pat yourself on the back if you're doing more.

6. The Flexible Girl

Glued to the exercise mats whenever you're at the gym, you're convinced this girl comes up with the weirdest stretches known to man just to make you stare at her. You accept that she has no idea who you are, but you remain convinced that there are other, less complicated ways for her to stretch the same muscles.

7. The Screamer

Convinced he's the strongest in the gym, this guy has to prove to everyone around just how heavy his weights are by screaming like he's in labor. Not only does this annoy you, a lot, but common sense also tells you he should use a lighter weight.

8. The Cool Guy

You don't go to the gym to relax, it's where serious people go for serious workouts. The phrase 'Go Hard Or Go Home' comes to mind. This guy spends most of his time doing anything but working out. Worst of all, he doesn't sweat enough. You're not sure about the precise level of sweat necessary, but this guy looks too clean.

9. The Racer

Probably the most well-known annoying guy there is, The Racer. When you're on a treadmill, or a bike, or anything with a display on it, this guy will look over and adjust his settings to make sure he's going faster than you. He will try to do it when you're not looking. But of course, you always catch him in the act.

Which character(s) annoy you the most?

Are there any missing from the list you would like to add?


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  2. Hi David, thanks for the comment. Nice to see that there are others who are equally annoyed by these kinds of people in the gym.