Monday, 5 May 2014

3 Stages Of 'The Dating Game' Everyone Goes Through

Dating is backwards. There, I said it.

Now, let me explain.

You treat dates the same way you treat your driving test.

You remember the 3 stages of your driving test: 

1. The Studying 

You learn all the rules from this painfully boring book. You memorize all the advice your driving instructor gives you during your practice lessons. No matter how ridiculous or tedious it sounds. You learn, learn, learn.

2. The Act

You apply all those rules to become the perfect driver for the test. That includes doing things like checking your front mirror every 7 seconds, straining your neck at ridiculous angles when looking left and right, holding the steering wheel with 2 hands at all times and so on.

3. The Truth

Once you've passed your test, you more or less forget about all the rules and just drive however you want. Just good enough to keep within the law. Except of course when there are cameras or police around, then you immediately resume "The Act"

'The Dating Game' is exactly the same:

1. The Studying

Unlike your driving test, the studying part of your 'dating test' starts from an early age and is ongoing. With time, practice and advice from others, you instinctively learn to follow a long list of Do's & Don't's when dating. You accept that some of these rules may have to be changed at a moment's notice, depending on your date, but you generally establish your own set of guidelines to follow. 

2. The Act

When dating, you throw your life's worth of dating experience at her and you become this guy. Or at least you try. This guy knows all the good places to go, the right things to say and tends to pass dates with only a few minor errors. Occasionally, you commit 1 or 2 major errors and all is lost. When this happens, you convince yourself it wasn't really your fault and your examiner/date was being harsh.

3. The Truth

Now you've passed your "Dating Test", you revert to this guy. He's far more relaxed than the other guy. Things like farting in her presence become okay. Suddenly, you don't feel like going to fancy restaurants all the time, making extravagant plans and pretending you're a wine connoisseur.

Why do we do this?

Wouldn't it be better if everyone turned dating on its head? If we lived in a world where instead of men pretending you're the guy in 'The Act', you had to jump straight to the 'The Truth' and show women exactly what you're really like from the beginning.

What do you think would happen to dating then ?

How honest would it be?