Friday, 4 September 2015

23 Funny Truths Most Africans Can Relate To. You Won't Believe 13.

1. There is always space, even when there isn't. 


2. Duty free = buy as much as you can carry.

   3. Dry skin is a sin because cocoa butter is a religion.

4. Your bum can never big enough. Ever.

5. Christmas time means "gifts"for everyone, even people you don’t know.

6. Stop and search is as frequent as traffic lights.

7. One offertory offetry is never enough, minimum of 3 or 4.

8. People are bi-accented.

9. You can have black skin and still be called white – Oyebo.

10. Being overweight is a sign of good living. The plumper the better.

11. Pepper makes everything taste better.

12. Even Formula 1 drivers would struggle to get from A to B.

13. The louder you talk, the better your argument.

14. People don’t love orange soda, they love suya.

15. Africans have been "Making It Rain" for years.

16. Guys know how to wine too.

dance animated GIF

17. Forget wallets, envelopes are all the rage.

18. You can never be too late.

19. No need for first names, just call anyone older "Uncle".

                          20. If she’s white, parents think girlfriend. If she’s black, future wife.

21. Point with your lips not your hands.

22. It’s never too hot to wear a full suit


23. Why say hello, hi, hey, or excuse me when you can just hiss at people instead?


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