Truth, Lies & Dating

I recently went on a date that got me thinking quite a lot. So I decided to write about it. 

I went on a date, no different from a regular day,
But at the end, this girl’s words blew me away,
She said, “I’m sorry I’m bad at dating”.
Now you might think it’s nothing, but 4 me it was certainly something,
Coz I had just had a blast, tried hard to make the date last,
So as I heard dat phrase, while she’s stood there avoiding my gaze,
Chillin outside my door, eyes rooted to the floor,
I'm thinking 2 myself, just how wrong can this girl be,
Coz if your eyes did see, what I saw standing in front of me,
 You would certainly agree,
That this girl was anything but bad at dating.

So was it my fault?
Did I look more confused than amused,
Vexed, instead of impressed,
Ready to roll, not down for a stroll,
While snackin on a romantic dinner for two,

Betraying d luck of finding a girl like you,
Nah that wasn’t it.
I remember my cheeks were actually hurtin,
From all dat smiling while we were dinin,
So it musta bin clear she had nothing to fear,
So what’s got her thinking she’s bad at dating?

Honestly, I got lost for a while, unsure & wondering what it cuda bin,
But luckily, it wasn’t too long b4 realization sunk in,
The discovery about Truth, Lies & Dating,
You know those unwritten rules you’re supposed to follow, if you wanna see the girl or guy come morrow,

The ones that tell you what to wear, what to say, what to do 2 make sure your girls swept away,
The ones that have been on repeat ever since you could stand on two feet,
The ones you bin writing down in your brain, praying you never make those same mistakes again,
The ones you find all over the net, more widespread than the latest spam threat,
The ones that get passed in the advice from one friend to another,
The ones that make you think dating’s long, don’t bother,
They’re the same ones that never tell you it’s cool to just be you,
Better to trap your date in the latest version of guess who?

That’s right, you just gta study the rules of Truth, Lies & Dating,
And learn how to turn yourself into some second rate imitation of god’s blessed creation,
Become the guy who knows all about fine wine, just like the rest,
Because that’s what best, if you wanna pass society’s test,
And get your perfect score, increase d chances of your girl wanting some more,
Even though when that happens, there’s no need to be celebratin,
When the girl’s only interested in the man you’ve been fakin,

Now before you start jumping to conclusions,
Let’s break from the illusion,
Of perfect honesty when dating, stop snoozing
Let’s open our eyes to those heavy white lies, or d truth’s kept hidden til later,
When you’re sure she ain't gna be no hater,
Coz if the truth’s being told, and we let the mystery unfold,
You know there’s a difference between the guy who greets you in the mirror everyday,
And that guy who turns up at the table, to blow her away,
That dude ain't necessarily one and the same, societies convinced him his reflections too lame,
That’s the funny, yet sad thing about Truth, Lies & Dating,

If you doubtin these words, think bout how you change when the shit gets official,
Once there’s no pressure to keep you from acting like the original,
Now I ain't saying, don’t look nice, smell right, be polite,
You gotta make the effort, have respect, treat her right,
I’m just saying make sure you keep the changes light,
Don’t stretch to the level that the man in the mirror can give you the third degree,
Crying inside coz of the man you’re pretendin to be,
Screaming at you like fam, that ain’t me,

What needs to happen, is for u to keep it straight,
Do you so hard like ur gna pro create,
Coz when you start trying to escape your own personality,
You best know you aint too far from insanity,
Bruv ur goin schizo, except you’re doing it in slo mo,
And the only one to tell the difference is your own individuality,
Cept you’ve got him drowning in your backward mentality,

But what you think’s gonna happen when the honeymoon phase is over,
When you feel comfortable enough to drop the sharade,
And show her d reality u’ve been hidin behind sum datin fa├žade,
What you really like to do in your spare time,
How you honestly don’t give a shit if it’s red or white wine,
If you aint been truthful from d beginning, you ain’t got time to be grinnning
Coz there wont’be no encore, you just won’t see her no more,
So is it really worth it, to waste all dat time before
Playing Truth, Lies & Dating?

I just can’t understand why we can’t spend more time appreciatin,
Instead of hatin and creatin some suped up carbon copy, of what man’s supposed to be,
Now if you think my views are suspect, or you doubt my intellect,
Let me ask you what’s the simpler of the two,
To spend time searchin for dat 1 chick who’s perfect for you,
A figment of your imagination, unlikely to be found while ravin,
Or to find one dat aint perfect, but perfect enough for you stick around,
And work through the flaws until the connection’s profound,

It ain’t hard to guess which path I’d take,
Dats y I’m sure this girl musta made some mistake,
When she stood there and told me she was bad at datin,
 Coz she’d said summin before we ended up at my door,
Dat the only girl she’d been all night, was d one that made her feel right,
So how about we reverse the lie, fuck looking fly,
Switch up the game, and keep your act the same, from the very beginning,
Dat way, you’ll never stop winning
Whenever it’s time to play Truth, Lies & Dating.

If you're wondering about the unique style and vernacular, I had the tune from "The Blame Game" by George the poet stuck in my head when I was writing it.

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