Quote City


Welcome to Quote City. This is where I come to have a little fun with world play and share my random musings. Hope you enjoy.

To give you a little taste of what's in store, below you'll find 10 great comebacks for the common man.

1. If someone says you are ugly, reply they are too blind to see your beauty.
2. If someone says you are fat, reply your mind is worth more than their weight in gold.
3. If someone says you are short, reply your integrity makes you tower over them like a giant.
4. If someone says you are stupid, reply your intelligence cannot be measured by their opinion.
5. If someone says you will never succeed, reply your hindsight will one day mock their foresight.
6. If someone says you are worthless, reply those that know you believe you to be priceless.
7. If someone says your speech is poor, reply your words will never fall on deaf ears.
8. If someone says you cannot listen, reply your mind rejects useless information.
9. If someone says you are boring, reply they cannot afford your entertainment.
10. If someone says your life is not worth living, tell them to fuck off.  

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