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Goku: He who loved to scream "Hamehaaaaa!!!!" after he 'Kame'. (Dragonball Z) 

Destructo Disc: Krillin's response to anyone trying to run rings around him. (Dragonball Z)

Big Bang: The only way Vegeta will get another chance to become the number one Saiyan. (Dragonball Z) 

Pokemon: Humanity's digitized version of fights between animals like dogs, cats and cocks. (Pokemon) 

Pokeball: Encouraging animal cruelty. (Pokemon) 

Greatball: How to be forever trapped in Pokemon. (Pokemon) 

Charmander: Breather of fire, defender of Ash. (Pokemon) 

Digimon: Digital gangsters. 

Power Rangers: Using the power of youth to morph zords into piles of money. (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) 

Gear 2nd: What Monkey D Luffy made up after listening to 'Another Level'. (One Piece) 

Gear 2nd II: When Monkey D Luffy decides to take things up a notch. (One Piece) 

Gear 3rd: When you beg Monkey D Luffy to put shit in reverse. (One Piece) 

Zoro: He has three sharp arguments why you should walk away. (One Piece) 

Ra-Sen-Gan: Naruto's hidden plea for "Different-Moves-Please". (Naruto) 

Ra-Sen-Gan II: Naruto's way of saying blue-sphere's-"BAD". (Naruto) 

Natsu-Drago-NIL: Appropriately named because he's never lost a fight. 'Okay except one'. (Fairy Tail) 

Happy (Natsu's cat): Really feel's his name when he sees Lucy's 'things'. (Fairy Tail) 

Wario: What Mario looks like when he doesn't take his Cheerios. (MarioKart64) 

Sonic: Who Tails calls when he wants to make shit go BOOM!!! (Sonic the Hedgehog) 

Tails: Who Sonic calls when he wants to get HIGH! (Sonic the Hedgehog) 

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