27 Things About Me


My name is Charles. In the picture above, I'm on the left and we're eating dog in Beijing.

I'm a 25 year old writer with an interesting view of the world. The type of guy that thinks Dog Owners Are Weird, Dating Doesn't Make Any Sense and People Have Way Too Many Different Types Of Laughs.

I created this blog to share my unique perspective on things because people do lots of weird **** and it's funny to talk about it.

My friends often ask me where my random ideas come from. Honestly, I have no idea.

You clicked this tab to find out my life story. Or something like that. So here are 27 Things About Me:

1. Full Name: Charles Ekub-Obasi Oben

2. Rejected Nicknames: Obe-wan-kinobi, Chazzar, Chazzmeister, Obe, Charlie, Charizard (When Pokemon ruled the world)

3. Begrudgingly Accepted Nicknames: Choben, Charlieboy

4. Date of Birth: 25 years ago

5. Sex: Cause of birth

6. Place of Birth: Earth

7. Nationality: Dutch, British, Cameroonian, Complicated

8. Height: Undesired

9. State of Education: Continuous

10. Education Enrollment Date: Birth

11. Expected Graduation Date: Death

12. Name of Academic Institution: The Mind

13. Current Address: London

14. Previous Addresses: Cameroon, Holland, England, Nigeria, France, Spain, China, Womb

15. Ethnic Origin: Human

16. Religious Affiliation: Self Belief

17. Sports: Football, basketball, table-tennis (self-proclaimed prodigy), squash, rugby, hockey

18. Favorite Colour: Purple

19. Food Preferences: Always available, large quantities of meat, lots of spice, anything oriental

20. Hobbies: Laughing, looking for reasons to laugh, seeking adventure, avoiding boredom, being spontaneous, creating memories

21. Reading List: Heroic fantasy, sci-fi, thrillers, paranormal romance, psychology & more

22. Likes: Sleep, jokes, the unexpected, Japanese anime & manga, fresh breath, ambition, family, romance, friends, a full stomach, initiative, life

23. Dislikes: Lack of sleep, waking up, the morning, awkward silences, isolation, prejudice, social conventions, sweating, salad, dishonesty, melodrama

24. Pet Hates: Critics with a lot to say but no solutions to give, hypochondriacs, cultural ignorance,  narcissism, pessimists, idiots, fools and asses

25. Choice of Superpower: Emphatic mimicry - the power to copy what you see

26. Favorite Quote: “So map the horizons of your own journey, and, when the status quo tells you it can't be done, tell the status quo to go to hell.” - Mastering the Art of Living Meaningfully Well - Umair Haque

27. Life Goal: To die with no regrets

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