Thursday, 14 May 2015

3 Must Know Secrets About The Worst Black Joke In The World

If you're black, or have black friends, you're probably quite familiar with this racist joke.

Especially if you live in, or have ever lived in, a predominantly white community.

It's a really short joke.


Nice tan.

Surprised? You're not alone.

Of course, there are countless variations from how did you get your tan, to your tan is way better than mine.

But it's the same thing really.

If you're wondering why it's such a bad joke, let me explain.

1. It's Not Insightful

Most funny black jokes work because they're based on some kind of racial stereotype that have an element of truth in them. I.E. They have a built-in insight you can relate to. Like this video that shows you the difference between a White Guy and a Black Guy Dunk. Basketball fans, you know it's true.

Here's an example. What do you call lots of black people buried up to their necks in sand? Afro turf. The insight is that black people are known for having afros. On the other hand, the joke nice tan, offers no insight whatsoever.

2. It's Not Funny

Largely because there is no insight, this racist joke isn't actually funny. Clearly, everybody has a different sense of humor. From people, like me, who find Goats Yelling Like Humans absolutely hilarious, to people who just can't enough of The Fox Song. But, I think it's safe to say that nice tan, is universally not funny.

You can tell it's not funny because although black people may laugh, they'll probably use their Awkward Laugh whenever they hear the joke. Because they're not really sure what else to do. Especially if you're at a social gathering.

3. It's Not A Joke

In addition to not having any insight, and not being funny, this black joke is so bad because it's not even a joke. If you've ever used this joke, or heard it being said and not got the reaction you expected, it's because this is what you think happened:

But, this is what actually happened

And unless you're Dave Chappelle, most black people already know that they're black.

What do you think about the worst black joke in the world?

Or do you think it's not actually that bad?

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