The Girl Is Mine

Here's the first poem I wrote. The story behind it is that my friend challenged me to write a poem that could make her cry. Having had no experience writing poetry whatsoever, I of course accepted the challenge.

Have you ever felt the hunger? The hunger, the hunger.
The hunger for another that can shatter your reality, and lead you to insanity.
You should fear the day when your essence stands bare, until no one else is there,
Except you, and her, and a hurricane of emotions,
That mirror your newfound devotion, for this creature of the night,
Who’s every atom you adore, with a passion that leaves you raw.
I have. Her name was Safi.

I remember the day I first laid my eyes upon my goddess of destruction,
The one that caused a cataclysmic reaction, in my red epitome of love,
The object we call the heart. Alas, that was just the start.

The day began like any other I suppose,
With a feeling of regret, not wanting to wake up yet,
To trudge to that insipid block, until time strikes 5 o'clock.
Then came the smile of realization as the hours of procrastination, were done.
It was time to have some fun.

But my plans of relaxation soon became droplets of trepidation,
As I saw her from afar, the angel at the bar.
At first all I could do was shiver in disbelief, her mere existence gave me grief.
She was beauty, she was innocence, she was Safi.

Her face a priceless painting, a painting that one must adore,
Her hair fashioned of curly brown locks, so delicate and pure,
Her eyelashes flowing blades of nothing but azure,
Her lips painted cherry, so succulent and sweet,
Her cheekbones so precious, I could barely stay my feet,
Her nose a valley worth three tons of diamond rings,
Her green orbs, destined to be the epicentre of all things.
Her complexion perfection, her figure Aphrodite,
I fear she was made alone through the Almighty’s solemn mite.

Then it came. Slowly but surely, it gripped me to my core,
Until my brain threatened to implode as I could not take anymore,
The hunger was so great I felt my intestines intertwine,
As I battled with inner demons desperate to make her mine.
I was trapped.

I was torn between emotions, obsession, fascination, appreciation
But mainly raw passion craving release,
Like a hurricane trapped, desperate to be free
And the key was 10 feet away, her name was Safi.
As I sat there, dazzled by her being and raging all the while,
Trying to unravel the intricate spells that had been cast,
To make me treasure each breath as if it was my last.

Then it struck me all at once with a force akin to Satan’s wrath,
The hunger had thrown me down, down the path of love,
So deep was I that I felt she was engraved in my soul,
A sanctuary once deprived, but now she'd made it whole.

Danger approached, perhaps the groom to be
And a murderous frenzy instantly possessed me.
The hunger had returned and it was clawing at my back,
Propelling me into action to save her from attack.

I galloped to her side, desperate to intercept,
This courageous fool that had dared touch what was mine, just not yet, not yet.
It was a collision that shook the heavens as I sent him crashing to the floor,
Stalking over him like a starving vulture frantic for some more.
But then I saw her face and as those green orbs connected with mine,
It became clear to me that my actions had been anything but divine,

Her look of pure disbelief troubled me so deep,
The shock so great I felt my knees buckle as I collapsed in a heap,
There on the floor I lay trying to become unseen,
Because her glare of disgust had made me feel unclean,

Then I felt the healing caress of an angel and opened my eyes to see,
Sweet, sweet Safi standing over me.

My well of pain vanished into thin air,
And I glazed upon pure glory with an unrestrained stare.
The hunger returned once more, but this time it was pleasant, intent,
An echo to remind me of only just one thing,
That this girl is mine and oh what joy does she bring.

I imagine you're not surprised to hear that I lost the challenge. Oh well, at least she (Safi) liked the poem.

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